Harmonic Convergence Ascension Code 22:41:89


Today is the 89th day of the year of the Blue Spectral Storm, Dreamspell kin 47, long count date 1 Imix. This marks exactly 41 cycles of the traditional Maya tzolkin, 41 x 260 days, from the Harmonic Convergence world-wide meditiation, initiated on the 22nd day of the 8 Wizard year, long count date 1 Imix: Imix + 41 x 260 days = 1 Imix

Today also marks the first of 41 days to the day 2 Imix, traditional sign of Valum Votan’s ascension:

41 tzolkin of Harmonic Convergence + 41 kin = 2 Imix = Valum ascension sign

Note that the initiation of the 41 tzolkin cycles on Day 22 and their completion today on Day 89 codes the Dreamspell kin numbers of Bolon Ik’s birth and Valum’s death. The numbers 22 and 89 also correspond to the traditional and Dreamspell signs, respectively, of the day on which the divine progenitor Muwaan Mat brought forth The Great One, firstborn of the Ux Lut K’uh:

Emanation of The Great One 9 Ik’ = Red Spectral Moon Dreamspell

9 Ik’ = kin 22

Red Spectral Moon = kin 89

Today’s Harmonic Convergence interval:

Day 22 + 41 tzolkin = Day 89

Keeping in mind the present 5-day window of Solar-Galactic Synchronization 27:53 (corresponding to the 5-days (inclusive) from the solar return of The Great One to that of his twin Sun Shield Lord), note the impressively succinct convergences of this 22:41:89 harmonic:

Dreamspell kin of Bolon Ik
Traditional sign of The Great One
Solar day of the Harmonic Convergence

Traditional sign of Valum’s ascension
Tzolkin cycles from Harmonic Convergence to Solar-Galactic Synchronization 27:53

Dreamspell sign of Valum’s ascension
Dreamspell sign of The Great One’s emanation
Solar day of Solar-Galactic Synchronization 27:53



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