Piktun Eclipse Zuvuya

Today and the next couple days are especially resonant with future zuvuya circuits involving the Galactic Mayan eclipse cycles. If you don’t fully understand this information or what I’ve written previously, don’t worry about it. These posts are intended to function as milestone markers and foundations for future explorations. As you track the cycles yourself you will begin to see the patterns as they come into focus, and the way from milestone to milestone will become familiar with time. (Again, this information will carry much more meaning for those who have already explored the archives.)

Here are some basic considerations relevant to the present moment:

The completion of the current piktun on 10 Ajaw will coincide with Dreamspell kin 38 during an 11 Storm year, 53 solar galactic cycles from the present 11 Storm year.

According to a careful astronomical calculation, the piktun completion might more accurrately coincide with kin 39 or 40, giving us the “warning station” window of kin 38-40.

The piktun coronation, 8 days later on, will be the traditional day 5 Lamat, equivalent to kin 148. During the 11 Storm year of the piktun coronation a full solar eclipse will take place on or around Dreamspell kin 148. This “warning station” of kin 146-148 corresponds to Moon 7 days 20-22 of an 11 Storm year. Today is kin 146 on Moon 7 day 20 of the 11 Storm year, meaning that the first full solar eclipse of the next piktun will be coming into alignment precisely 53 solar galactic cycles from now. kin 146 = today
+ 53 SGCs = kin 146 = piktun eclipse “warning station” begins

This warning station is also in resonance with a total lunar eclipse that will take place one year from now. kin 148 = piktun eclipse “warning station” 53 SGC resonance
+ 1 year = kin 253 = total lunar eclipse

The piktun eclipse warning station of Moon 7 day 20-22 begins 39 days following the southern solstice (Moon 6 day 9). Currently the southern solstice Sun aligns with the center of the Milky Way galaxy, and between now and the completion of the current piktun this alignment will shift by approximately 39 days due to precession. This means that the first full solar eclipse of the current piktun will be in alignment with the center of the galaxy, with the sun in the same sidereal position as it was at the completion of the 13 baktun cycle (2012 AD).

The final full solar eclipse of the 13 baktun cycle took place 38 days before the completion of the baktun, and the first full solar eclipse of Baktun 8 also took place at this same sidereal position, approximately 38 days before the galactic alignment.

There is a very special relationship of Baktun 8, Baktun 13, and the piktun (Baktun 20), to one another based on these eclipse patterns. The completion of 8 baktuns is synchronized to the traditional day 9 Ajaw ( 9 Ajaw), and today is 9 Ajaw traditional, also inscribed on the key Temple XIV table.

The total lunar eclipse that will occur one year from now will be the first full lunar eclipse since the completion of the Blood Moon lunar tetrad, and will mark our full entry into the Love Moon phase of galactic synchronization.

The close conjunction of Jupiter and Spica is now visible in the early morning. Providing a nice symmetry, Venus and Mars are visible nearby one another in the evening. The Venus/Mars conjunction will be joined by the crescent moon two days from now, on kin 148, exactly one year before the full lunar eclipse.



7 thoughts on “Piktun Eclipse Zuvuya

  1. Hi Gail,

    Thank you for the question. If you can’t tell I just kind of tossed this one off quick like. It’s a bit of a footnote or whatever to the stuff in the archives, and without that context probably isn’t very valuable. I think I might have written about the piktun and its relationship to the 3-day “warning stations” in the previous posts “Present Zuvuya of Prophecies Future”, and maybe in Solar-Galactic Synchronization 27:53, and maybe the one about Moon Cycles and the Queens of Palenque? But I got most in-depth about it when I first presented it in the essay “Planetary Enchantment and the Turn of the Piktun”, which I may have sent you.

    Anyway, there’s a potential 3-day discrepancy of the piktun to the 13 Moon date due to the discrepancy between the Gregorian calculations and the actual solar year. Three-day windows, known as “warning stations” are also utilized throughout the Dresden Codex eclipse table, so the 3-day window of discrepancy is no problem, it’s right in the codes. I’m not sure I’ve explained that very well, but it’s one of those subtleties that accounts for a lot, and there is quite a bit more I’ve written about the importance of the warning stations (e.g. kin 167-169) in the archives.

    It’s all so amazing to me, but the nuance and subtlety of things, especially coming through a foreign culture, makes it challenging to fully convey the sophisticated majesty of the cosmovision.

  2. Thanks for your good work. I am writing in reference to your excellent article on Jung’s Red Book and the you described in relation to the star Spica in his life. In light of the triple conjunction this year of Spica and transiting Jupiter I was wondering if you or anyone on your staff has any insights into the significance of this most auspicious event.

    You rightly ascribe a certain priority to the star Spica in your astrological deliberations and there can certainly be no more fruitful aspect than at present.

    Please feel free to inform me of any developments or ideas you might have on the subject. I am particularly interested in the Jungian dimension of this event, as Jung himself had Spica conjunct Jupiter in his natal horoscope and consulted the charts of patients daily prior to their consultations, no doubt indicating his own abiding interest in the field. Please refer me to any literature you might deem useful in this regard.

    Thanks for your kind attention to this matter.

    Best wishes,

    Today’s chart http://www.astrologyland.com/free_chart_wheel/YourFreeChart.aspx

    Jung’s http://www.astro.com/cgi/chart.cgi?wgid=wgeJxVTsEKwjAU-xpvEdrqVmd5Jw8DPSoMvL2xsg3XImvn2N_bevOShASSrONrJGV6RyyN7-i6-B4XnqedEvUSIn_goEpoyJMuIKuzquC0TVbPAQI3G8I6Trg3jycqqwSO2h9KLFCFlBkEhOGu9ews_TUnkedy2HG0pMqfM22J8ppp4_ZO51wciONqhrDRXpo5kGzqL__nN6M

  3. Thanks for your response! I have begun to notice the 3 day effect around certain days, like the solstice, Christmas, Candlemas. Significant dreams & synchronicities seem to happen in a cluster, around particular dates that are meaningful. At least to me! The more I notice them, the more frequent they occur, as if my consciousness is attracting phenomenon. That is a beautiful phrase you used: “the sophisticated majesty of the cosmovision.”

    • Hi Gail,

      Yes! When we learn to use the tools with discipline, it’s not like it shows any kind of imprecision, it’s more like we’re using our consciousness to open certain portals of synchronization further into the past and future. The 3 days is just a start, the portals get opened wider and wider at further levels of the initiation, (like the 8 days or the 33 days and on up). I would think eventually it’s just an infinite timeless zuvuya circuit of sychronization, but y’know, baby steps and all… (=

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