Galactic Synchronization

We live in a time rich with astronomical and prophetic significance.
Ancient mathematical codes meet the information age.

Present Zuvuya of Prophecies Future

Radiant Spica, The Red Books, and Visions of the Flood

Solar-Galactic Synchronization 27:53

Harmonic Convergence Ascension Code 22:41:89

Day 93 and the Wanderers’ Dance

Setting the Hearthstones of the Second Creation

Comet C/2014 Q2 and the Lovers’ Joyous Reunion

The Ascension of Bolon Ik: Raising the World Tree of the Second Creation

Beyond the Threshold: Galactic Synchronization, Blood Moons, and the Creation of a Meaningful Future
download PDF

Ancient Visions of a 2012 Eclipse
download PDF

Time Engineering and the Triumph of Mayan Astronomy
download PDF

More Time Engineering 2012
download PDF

7 Cauac Synchronizations
download PDF

Jovian Clear Sign
download PDF

Solstice 2010 Full Lunar Eclipse
download PDF

Rhythmic Wizard Return of Quetzalcoatl
download PDF

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