Moonrise in a Season of Illusion


Today’s traditional Maya daysign is 10 Ajaw. This is the only occurrence of 10 Ajaw during the current 11 Storm Dreamspell year. The day 10 Ajaw will also mark the completion of the current piktun, 10 Ajaw, during an 11 Storm Dreamspell year, 53 solar-galactic cycles in the future.

As we know, the completion of the piktun opens an 8-day window that culminates in the “piktun coronation” on the day 5 Lamat (

Presently, the interval from 10 Ajaw to 5 Lamat during the current 11 Storm year corresponds to Dreamspell kin 186-194. This interval includes Pakal’s galactic return on kin 190, and, in the wave-harmonic of history, it also codes the 4 katuns of his life (kin 189-193), leading into the Seven Generations of Galactic Mayan Recall on kin 194.

This fractal interval of the Seven Generations will not only begin on the traditional day 5 Lamat, sign of Pakal’s accession, it will conclude with kin 200 on the solar return of Pakal’s birth.

Pakal’s coronation = 5 Lamat

Pakal’s birth = Moon 9 day 18

11 Storm year 54.29:
Piktun coronation = 5 Lamat traditional

11 Storm year 1.29:
Kin 194, Seven Generations begin = 5 Lamat traditional
Kin 200, Seven Generations complete = Moon 9 day 18

During this same upcoming Seven Generation interval, from Moon 9 days 12-18 of the current 11 Storm year, we will also have the following:

Moon 9 day 14 = Equinox

Moon 9 day 15 = Wajshakib Batz (8 Chuen) traditional ceremonies

Moon 9 day 16 = Galactic return of Bolon Ik’s ascension (Dreamspell kin 198)

Moon 9 day 17 = Solar return of Valum Votan’s ascension


Now note the harmonies of the Lovers’ Galactic Reunion:

This transmission was received today, 10 Ajaw during the 11 Storm year, which is coded by the daily Dreamspell kin 186, as well as the Psi-Chrono kin 115. In addition to being the piktun completion kin, 10 Ajaw, as kin 140, is the source of the Telektonon. The first Telektonon Lovers’ Reunion of Galactic Synchronization (Moon 1 day 23 of the 8 Seed year) was also kin 186.

186 = 6 x 31, and kin 31 = 5 Monkey = code 5:11. This is one of the primary keys to the recombinant triplet 115 151 511 of the Lovers’ Galactic Reunion. So note again today’s synchronizaton of the daily kin 186 (31 x 6) with Psi-Chrono kin 115.

Then we have the upcoming sequence of Wajshakib Batz, equivalent to 8 Monkey, kin 151, immediately followed by the galactic return of Bolon Ik’s ascension and the solar return of Valum Votan’s ascension.

This transmission was received today at the end of what has been one of the most strange, surreal and emotionally confused weeks of my entire life. This whole past year has been a major test for me — one thing after another; but when this current Blue Night Wavespell began it was like entering into a hall of funhouse mirrors. I’ve been questioning everything… Is my life anything other than a passing dream? A nightmare even? All this lovers’ reunion stuff, does it really mean anything? Or am I just caught in illusory webs of my own mind’s weaving? I still couldn’t tell you. The events as I’ve experienced them are almost too much to believe, and as of now my grasp on reality, or what “reality” even means anymore, is tenuous at best. It’s been grey and rainy for days and days. Dark and dreary, as though this winter of untold enchantments may have no end. And then today the sky cleared. The Sun shone. The promise of spring, yes, real spring, was in the air. I couldn’t appreciate it though; it didn’t fit my mood. But after work I willed myself out into the still damp yard and did some yoga, then walked down to the river. On the way I saw the Moon, almost full now after so many days behind the clouds, rising over the hills. The sky was a clean and pale blue. A songbird landed in the high bare branches of a tree. A hawk flew across the hillside of fir and maple. Gazing absently at the round Moon, I realized that through all the strange days of this waking life, through the human dramas we act out that now promise to fulfill us, that now threaten to consume us, our connection to the divinity of creation remains. We are all part of the unique expression that is life. Ultimately there is a place in the soul where we can find faith, even if it goes beyond words or concepts, even if it can be found nowhere “out there”.

I walked the rest of the way down to the river, full, muddy and wild with rainfall, and there they were, the harmonies, opening in my mind like a flower. And now I offer them here. Though perhaps they be no more than a fading dream, they give me something to look forward to. Somehow, in this world of illusion, they give me hope.

11 Storm year 1.29, Moon 9:

Day 4 = Today, 10 Ajaw traditional, Dreamspell kin 186, PCU kin 115

Day 8 = Dreamspell kin 190 (Galactic Love), Pakal’s galactic return

Day 12 = 5 Lamat traditional, Dreamspell kin 194

Day 14 = Equinox

Day 15 = Wajshakib Batz (8 Chuen) traditional ceremonies

Day 16 = Galactic return of Bolon Ik’s ascension (Dreamspell kin 198)

Day 17 = Solar return of Valum Votan’s ascension

Day 18 = Solar return of Pakal’s birth, Dreamspell kin 200